VR Exhibition in Copenhagen / It's a launch

 To launch WE ARE THE FACES we joined forces with the world’s first VR retail space Khora Virtual Reality, to offer you an extra special exhibition night! 

WEARETHEFACES is a new design agency collaborating with creatives to produce unique and wearable clothing. To celebrate the launch of our first three collections with graphic designer Felix Pfäffli (CH), artist and illustratorTim Lahan (US) and artist and spatial designer ANNY WANG (SE) we decided to provide them with yet another canvas - virtual reality.

Copenhagen's first virtual reality fashion exhibition will allow the gallery-goers to explore and experience the different artist’s work in a truly immersive way.

Combining this cutting edge technology with textile craftsmanship and art creates a new level of fashion experience, adding new dimensions with the playfulness and interactivity of gaming and serving to disrupt the norms of an industry driven by traditions and best practice presentation. The audience is invited to explore art, fabrics and dive into their vast complexities - exciting, right?

Since we have limited spots available for this event please sign up to our mailing list at www.wearethefaces.com and you are on the guestlist!

♫Great Tunes will be played by Albin Svensson (Lotss Records)♫

Afterparty: 9pm - 2am at Mesteren & Lærlingen, Flæsketorvet 86, 1711 København (Just show - everyone is welcome!)

This is possible thanks due to technical help from Tim Söderström, Filip Kobjevsky and the Khora Team.