WATF on friends / Meet Yulianna

Second edition of WATF on friends. Say hi to Yulianna model, crazy dancer and meat maniac. While we had dinner last week we had some down time between opening the rosé and heating up our meatballs - so I made some snaps of Yulianna looking good on the chair, looking good standing and looking good talking. I know... now the worst, she is smart too. 

Bleeding waves silk shirt by Felix Pfäffli and WEARETHEFACES. Get it here.  


WATF on friends / Meet Carla

This is a series about our friends wearing WATF pieces - after all WATF is all about working with inspiring people and lets be honest our friends are creative as fuck. 

Carla is a movie editor, free spirit and kick ass girlboss. During the Danish summer we met at the Copenhagen lakes and while Carla would talk about her last travels, I would makes snaps of her looking fantastic in cigarette butts on a swan. 

Shorts by Tim Lahan and WEARETHEFACES. Get them here.




Installation at TAKE FESTIVAL

WEARETHEFACES was invited to exhibit their first three capsule collections and Virtual Reality interpretations at the TAKE Festival in Vienna as part of the festival's art parkour. TAKE aims at bringing together emerging talent in the fields of fashion, fine arts, photography, design and moving images. For this event WEARETHEFACES created an installation, that allowed the exhibition visitor to interact with the three artist collaboration on a multi sensory level. Diving into the patterns worlds created by the artists through Virtual Reality, touching and viewing silhouettes representing a new form of canvas and watching a movie...

VR Exhibition in Copenhagen / It's a launch

VR Exhibition in Copenhagen / It's a launch

 To launch WE ARE THE FACES we joined forces with the world’s first VR retail space Khora Virtual Reality, to offer you an extra special exhibition night! 

WEARETHEFACES is a new design agency collaborating with creatives to produce unique and wearable clothing. To celebrate the launch of our first three collections with graphic designer Felix Pfäffli (CH), artist and illustratorTim Lahan (US) and artist and spatial designer ANNY WANG (SE) we decided to provide them with yet another canvas - virtual reality.

Copenhagen's first virtual reality fashion exhibition will allow the gallery-goers...